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Similar in concept to sandblasting, Soda blasting is the most eco-friendly way to safely remove calcium deposits from your pool and or clean nearly any surface. 

Using a specially formulated non-toxic sodium bicarbonate media (baking soda) delivered via compressed air, this non-abrasive technology removes paint and other contaminates without damaging the underlying surface and surrounding components.

Baking soda is water soluble, with a pH near neutral and a buffering effect as well, neutralizing both acids and caustics.

Blasting dust and particles may be wiped off or rinsed away, if necessary.

Baking soda has always had a reputation as a safe, pure product, both to the user and the environment.

Baking soda is also an odor neutralizer and deodorizer. When used in an efficient delivery system, on the correct application, baking soda is cost effective.

What is soda blasting?