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Video of Soda blasting in action


1. The procedure begins with unloading and     setting up equipment at the designated           project area.

2. Turn pool equipment off by activating        

    service mode.

3. Drain pool, spa, pond, water feature as           needed usually 6" - 8" from the calcium

    line.  Some clients opt for a total drain and

    wash scrub pool shell at the same time of

    soda blasting which will be more time

    consuming and start up chemicals will be


4. Start process by entering the pool and

    blasting the calcium off the tile.

5. After blasting is done vacuuming the

    media out of the pool on waste through

    pool system or we use my portable pump


6. If necessary we vacuum, pressure

    wash as needed.

7. Shoot down all media off of pool deck.

    Keep in mind media is bio-degradable and

    will not harm landscape.

8. Break down equipment and load trailer.